For the snacking fans, Tohi launches its new collection of 30g bars in a small and elegant box. These bars are a perfect accompaniment to coffee and tea, but also delicious enjoyed on their own. Tohi, organic and Fairtrade chocolate, symbolizes the values and commitments of the company. All of the products in the Tohi range come from certified organic farming. Selected for their exceptional quality, fillings reveal subtle and authentic flavours. Tohi respects the environment. Packaging is made from unique recyclable materials and the paper and cardboard come from sustainably and responsibly managed forests.

Easy to carry and share, each 30 gr bar of fine traditional chocolate is packed with bold flavours to surprise and delight the taste buds of connoisseurs.
- Organic Milk chocolate 37% cocoa with caramel and salted butterscotch
- Organic Milk chocolate 37% cocoa with crispy buckwheat
- Organic Dark chocolate 72% cocoa with Guerande salt
- Organic Dark chocolate 72% cocoa with salted almonds
- Organic Dark chocolate 72% cocoa with lemon & ginger
- Organic Dark chocolate 72% cocoa with orange
- Organic Dark chocolate 88% cocoa



Dolfin S.A
At Dolfin, chocolate is a passion. For decades, Dolfin’s philosophy has been to mix natural, high-quality ingredients directly into the chocolate mass. Fruits, spices, herbs, flowers or even the great classics are combined in perfect and subtle blends with the best traditional chocolates. Innovation lies at the heart of the Dolfin spirit, which is why some of their recipes are true gourmet inventions. Their master chocolatiers seek out the finest ingredients selected from the best that Nature has to offer. They create surprising blends to produce flavours that are exquisite and full, yet devoid of sugar and fat. Satisfying their customers is its daily goal; at Dolfin, they are committed to providing chocolates of impeccable freshness. The team listens to its customers and makes a point of serving them quickly and personally.
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