Casa De La Arsenia
We are a family company dedicated to the production of high-quality olive oil. Under our two brands Ma’Sarah and Molino de la Arsenia, our oils are worldwide known for their majestic, unique and personal flavours.
Our emplacement is in a historical rural house called Arsenia’s house that had been producing olive oil since the late eighteenth century. After years of inactivity, it was in 2011 when this mill located in Pinoso (Alicante) came to life again.
Remaining loyal to its tradition, with the latest technical innovations and the exceptional Mediterranean location Casa de la Arsenia has the perfect combination for making one of the best extra virgin olive oils.
Spain - Pinoso
Biofavole società Agricola
The name “Biofavole” means "organic fairy tales": taking care of yourself and of the ones you love by eating healthy is a way of living a beautiful fairy tale, those are the founding values of Biofavole.
BioFavole is a small family-run farm that for decades deals with the cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables in the Valdaso countryside (in the Marche Region). The story of BioFavole began some years ago with the desire to rediscover healthy and genuine nutrition. It has led us to re-evaluate those agricultural traditions that have always been the basis of the Italian culture. In 2016 the company began a new project: to turn fruit into real "fruit fairy tales", always with the intention of preserving the ancient methods of production and authentic recipes of the Mediterranean Diet.
Fruit Puree, fruit juices without added sugar, jams, fruit in syrup, tomato sauces, vegetables and legume creams and anything else can be obtained from seasonal products. Biofavole products are all preservatives-free, additives-free and are suitable to be eaten at all ages.
In particular for the little ones, was born the first agricultural homogenized made with 0km fruits (BioFavole Fruit Puree) and fruit juices and jams like those made from Grandmother. Not only fruits, in a short time the range of products has expanded, so in 2019 has begun the production of high-quality tomato sauces, vegetable and legume creams.
Fruits and vegetables are cultivated organically without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The products of our orchard are hand-picked and processed within the same day to preserve freshness and guarantee the highest nutritional value.
Italy - Ortezzano, Fermo
Vins Mallofré
The MALLOFRÉ family have been winegrowers since 1898.  It was in 2012 when the current generation started bottling the wine under its own brand.
We own 35 hectares located in the Natural Parc of Foix, a protected area at 50 kms from Barcelona.
In our vineyard sheep take care of the vines.
The wine is produced with no haste, allowing it to mature with no aggression and bringing to every process its necessary conditions of coolness, warmth and time.
Spain - Santa Margarida i els Monjos
Dolfin S.A
At Dolfin, chocolate is a passion. For decades, Dolfin’s philosophy has been to mix natural, high-quality ingredients directly into the chocolate mass. Fruits, spices, herbs, flowers or even the great classics are combined in perfect and subtle blends with the best traditional chocolates. Innovation lies at the heart of the Dolfin spirit, which is why some of their recipes are true gourmet inventions. Their master chocolatiers seek out the finest ingredients selected from the best that Nature has to offer. They create surprising blends to produce flavours that are exquisite and full, yet devoid of sugar and fat. Satisfying their customers is its daily goal; at Dolfin, they are committed to providing chocolates of impeccable freshness. The team listens to its customers and makes a point of serving them quickly and personally.
Belgium - Nivelles
Tsangarides Cyprus Winery
The Tsangarides winery is the next generation of Cypriot wines. Our avowed philosophy is to blend old school traditions with new school style. Our youth, energy, and passion coupled with the distinct sense of place that wine brings to our lives, allow us to produce wines of great character, and distinction. The wine scene in Cyprus is now flourishing and we are extremely proud to be considered as one of the key wineries at the leading edge of this long-awaited revival of our countries wine industry. The Tsangarides winery is situated in the lovely old village of Lemona. It is here our great-great-grandfather prepared the land and planted out the first vineyards, tending and nurturing the fruit of the vine in much the same way as his descendants do today. Then, the wine made was primarily for domestic consumption, but slowly, over decades the accumulated knowledge gleaned from travel and education via foreign winemakers has resulted in the wines being acclaimed as one of the best examples of a boutique winery supplying consistently high-quality wines for the table.
Cyprus - Paphos
Terra di Papi is a new brand of typical wines from Marche Region.  We produce only three labels, two of Verdicchio and one of Marche Rosso. The production is based in the oldest wine cellar of Matelica.
Italy - Matelica
Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas Oy
Laitilan Wirvoitusjuomatehdas is largest and one of the oldest craft breweries in Finland. Our story started in 1995 with retro style lemonades, that still are in production. In 1997 we started brewing cider and one year later also beer. Our ciders brought us awards and enabled us to grow in the beginning. We started to take the market share from the big ones.
Today our most important products are the gluten-free Kukko beers, which we started brewing 20 years ago. Kukko became officially the first gluten-free full malt beer in the world in 2005 and now it has become the most valued beer brand sold in Finland according to a consumer brand survey.
Our brewery is a forerunner in environmentally friendly production. We have used only renewable electricity since 2001 and today we have also solar power plant on our brewery roof. We have been ranked as the greenest brewery in Finland. We pack only into cans and glass bottles, not into plastic, and everything is recycled.
Our brewery is privately owned and independent, which enables us to be flexible, fast moving and innovative. We have a personal touch in everything, so in Finland it’s not only the company and the products, but also our people are known by their names.
Finland - Laitila
Viña Olabarri S.A.
VIÑA OLABARRI was founded by Pablo Olabarri Bikandi, who from 1958 spent long periods of time in Haro (La Rioja). His passion for wine led him to acquire an old winery from the XIX C. in the close village of Anguciana. There is where we currently age our Reserva and Gran Reserva wines under ideal natural humidity and temperature conditions.
The need for bigger and more modern facilities to make the wines made Mr. Olabarri build a new winery in the outskirts of Haro in 1989, with capacity to hold 4,000 barrels and up to 800,000 bottles.
Along these nearly forty years after its beginnings, Viña Olabarri has excelled in the elaboration of high-quality wines with outstanding recognitions for its Reserva and Gran Reserva wines. The size of the company allows a detailed care in the production and selection of vineyards close to the winery and restates the affection and patience with which the essence of Rioja Alta wines is bottled.
Viña Olabarri is the result of a thorough work and attention to our wines. We make wines with a unique quality-price ratio whose essence is a combination of the traditional values together with innovation. We would like to offer you the chance of letting our wines become part of your customers’ life.
We have two lines of wines under the two family names:
Spain - Haro, La Rioja
Cailleau Herboristerie
Cailleau Herboristerie is a small family company with a high expertise in the supply and transformation of dry herbs and botanicals. We have a know-how in the field of plant since 1868 (indeed we were first a Producer of Roman Chamomile) and we are located in the capital of medicinal herbs, Chemillé-en-Anjou.
We work hand in hand with trustworthy producers to select high quality herbs, roots and seeds and work the materials at our warehouse to meet the various needs of our customers: we are fully equipped to clean, sift, cut and powder the herbs. We are able to offer a wide range of herbs (we have a range of more than 800 plants, with 140 organic certified herbs) that we can offer in bulk, powder or packed in bags, or in “infusettes”/tea bags form. We also offer a range of food supplements with capsules, macerates and gemmotherapy, as well as essential oils.
We have 2 entities at Cailleau : Cailleau Herboristerie and Cailleau Pharmaceutique. In 2016 we created our new entity Cailleau Pharmaceutique in order to meet the administrative burden imposed by the medical drug agency in France. All our herbs are control by our industrial pharmacist to check quality and species. The quality and excellency imposed by the European Pharmacopeia is an absolute priority for Cailleau. In this respect we have obtained in 2021 the ISO 22000 Certification ( a label for the safety management of food products).
France - Chemille-en-Anjou
La Mandorle
La Mandorle is a family business since 1989, expert in dairy and gluten-free plant-based products. Our production sites are located in France. We have developed a low temperature manufacturing process, now patented, to offer delicious, eco-friendly, healthy and high nutritional value food solutions.
France - Sablé-sur-Sarthe