Biofavole Fruit puree is a fruit pulp made with 100% organic fruit, without colouring, preservatives, gluten free and without added sugars. It is available in the 100g jar and in four different flavours: apple, pear, plum and apricot. All fruits are cultivated by the same farm.
It is ideal to be enjoyed as a snack, to be spread on bread or crackers, with biscuits, or as an ingredient for some recipes such as pan cake or pudding.
It keeps its nutritional properties intact and it is suitable for children from weaning. The colour of the puree is the natural colour of the fruit that has undergone a cooking process, to which no ingredient has been added for maintain its naturalness.
After opening, keep refrigerated and use within 4-5 days. Expiration from date of manufacture: 2 years.

Biofavole società Agricola
The name “Biofavole” means "organic fairy tales": taking care of yourself and of the ones you love by eating healthy is a way of living a beautiful fairy tale, those are the founding values of Biofavole.
BioFavole is a small family-run farm that for decades deals with the cultivation of organic fruits and vegetables in the Valdaso countryside (in the Marche Region). The story of BioFavole began some years ago with the desire to rediscover healthy and genuine nutrition. It has led us to re-evaluate those agricultural traditions that have always been the basis of the Italian culture. In 2016 the company began a new project: to turn fruit into real "fruit fairy tales", always with the intention of preserving the ancient methods of production and authentic recipes of the Mediterranean Diet.
Fruit Puree, fruit juices without added sugar, jams, fruit in syrup, tomato sauces, vegetables and legume creams and anything else can be obtained from seasonal products. Biofavole products are all preservatives-free, additives-free and are suitable to be eaten at all ages.
In particular for the little ones, was born the first agricultural homogenized made with 0km fruits (BioFavole Fruit Puree) and fruit juices and jams like those made from Grandmother. Not only fruits, in a short time the range of products has expanded, so in 2019 has begun the production of high-quality tomato sauces, vegetable and legume creams.
Fruits and vegetables are cultivated organically without the use of fertilizers and pesticides. The products of our orchard are hand-picked and processed within the same day to preserve freshness and guarantee the highest nutritional value.
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