Each MULATE ORGANIC chocolate bar tastes like no other, taking you on an adventurous journey across the world of flavours. The chocolate bars have been carefully designed, their ingredients meticulously selected and matched together to introduce an unexpected blend of tastes one will not easily forget and will be looking forward to savouring again. Today, we offer as many as 6 kinds of chocolate bars under MULATE ORGANIC brand:

88 is a tribute to the classics. True dark chocolate, enriched with strong flavours of cocoa beans from South America.

SPICES chocolate bar teases your taste buds with a mix of Ceylon cinnamon, vanilla and cayenne pepper. SPICES is a therapy of tastes taking advantage of a small technological trick making the flavour and aroma of chocolate to change as it melts in your mouth.   

SEASALT boasts a harmony of sweet and salty, with the sweetness of the chocolate being overpowered by a balanced saltiness of premium quality salt.

PEANUT is a dark milk chocolate bar with peanut pasta. Peanuts were specifically selected for their intense and rich taste and because they go very well with chocolate.

TAHINI is a dark milk chocolate bar with sesame pasta and sesame seeds that suspends you between the sweet and the salty, carrying a subtle aftertaste of traditional halva.

CANNABIS is a dark chocolate bar with no added sugar, enriched with hemp protein. When craving for a sweet, yet healthy snack, this is the best choice.  

MANGO is organic dark milk chocolate with mango, Tahini & Cayenne pepper.

Choco Group UAB
CHOCO Group UAB is a modern and innovative producer of premium quality chocolate bars in Lithuania.
Our products are known for their non-traditional taste and exceptional design. Our goal is to make sure that each our product is more than just a chocolate bar. We aim to offer delicious and healthy products that can tell their own unique stories. Our intent is for each new chocolate bar collection to be Recognized Worldwide!
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