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SISTO V - Verdicchio di Matelica DOC
This Verdicchio di Matelica DOC is obtained from some vineyards located in a hilly area with excellent exposure where the particular climatic conditions promote their organic cultivation. Then, at the time of perfect aromatic ripening, selected hand-picked grapes are vinified away from the air. Wine that expresses aromatic and floral notes of white fruit, on the palate shows great character and refreshing final acidity. Easy to match, both at meal and in other convivial moments, it is enhanced with medium seasoned fish and cheeses.
Maratheftiko Dry Red Wine 2019
Cyprus indigenous organic Maratheutiko variety wine, with complex aromas.  Fermented and aged in Oak barrel for 9-12 months. From the privately owned organic Anaxagora’s vineyards, in the wine village of Pachna, Limassol.  
Fikardos Maratheftiko 2016
Red dry wine produced entirely from the indigenous Cyprus grape variety Maratheftiko. Tasting notes: Ruby red, medium body, high acidity wine with aromas and flavours of black cherry, black currant, baked dark fruit, tomato leaf, black pepper, vanilla and tobacco.
Tsangarides Maratheftiko Organic Red Dry 2018
Appellation: Protected Geographical Indication Paphos
Varietal Composition: Maratheftiko 100%.
Vineyard: Single organic vineyard on VSP at Arkanas - Lemona.
Altitude: 400-450m
Soil: Loam clay soil.
Vinification: Fermentation in stainless steel tank.
Ageing: New French oak barrels for 9-12 months.
Colour: Bright red colour.
Nose: Red fruits, strawberries, cherries with mint notes and liquorice.
Palate: Full, fruity, with silky tannins and long aftertaste.
Serving Suggestions: Enjoy with aged cheeses and light casserole meet dishes.
Best serve at 17 Degrees Celsius.
Crémant de Luxembourg: Cuvée Melusiner
The Crémant de Luxembourg – Cuvée Melusiner is a significant achievement by the Domaine L&R Kox. At least seven years on the lees for this cuvée which effortlessly balances richness and freshness, power and finesse. A perfectly mastered fine bubble and a remarkable length in the mouth complete this great sparkling wine.
This cuvée is a tribute to the legend of the beautiful Melusina, the wife of the Count of Luxembourg Siegfried. When Melusina accepted to marry the Count, she insisted on one condition: she needed to be alone every Saturday. The Count swore on his honour that he would meet this demand. However, driven by jealousy, he ends up spying on her and discovers that in these days his wife’s feet were replaced by a fish tail. Melusina, who discovered the betrayal, disappeared into the waters of the Alzette where she reappears every seven years. Just like Melusina this crémant « reappears » only after seven years of bottle ageing – a cuvée at the top of the hierarchy of Crémants de Luxembourg!
Buckwheat flour pasta
Buckwheat flour pasta 400g. Ingredients are only buckwheat flour and water. These pasta is gluten free and it is good for people who do not tolerate gluten.
Buckwheat pasta is made of the highest quality ecological buckwheat that is grown without any fertilizers in ecological Lithuanian farms and buckwheat processing is performed at a modern factory that employs the highest technologies of production. Buckwheat pasta is not only distinguished by its unique taste and composition but also contains a lot of nutritive fibre and substances that you could not find in other usual wheat flour pasta. It contains more green proteins, vitamins B1 and B2 necessary for the nervous system, potassium that maintains optimal blood pressure, calcium that is responsible for the strength of nails, bones, and teeth, magnesium that helps to fight with depression as well as iodine, phosphorus, and iron.
Pasta made of buckwheat flour is an excellent garnish with meat and fish dishes. Also, they can be seasoned with various spices, sauces, vegetables and then pasta becomes almost a royal dish that is suitable even for festive dinner.
Fresh fruit juice - natural freezing
Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP
Balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP is a typical sweet-and-sour condiment, specifica of Emilia Romagna Region and holding the Protected Geographic Indication European LOGO (IGP/PGI). Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is obtained from the fermentation, acidifying and aging of Grape juice (Must). The aging should take place in wood barrels for at leat 60 days to obtain the IGP/PGI certification and acidity should be minimum 6%. It is possible to add Caramel as a colouring agent but all the REALE products are Colouring-free. In fact, we use natural aging in wood barrels and do not use any additive or preservative. We offer also aged and creamy Balsamic vinegars because when Balsamic is aged it becomes creamy and thick. Therefore, a young balsamic is used to dress salads while an older balsamic can be used on fruit and desserts as well.  
Polizzi Biologico IGP Sicilia
Our EVO is obtained from good quality cultivars grown in Caltanissetta at 600 ml. from sea level.
Bottles of organic extra virgin olive oil IGP SICILY available in 500 ml bottles.
Each bottle is numbered.
Orbelus Prima 2012 Red Wine
Early Melnik 55, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot
Dried prunes, herbs, cinnamon and dark chocolate in the nose. The palate is structured, the middle palate – velvety. The finish is slightly dry, spicy with a hint of bitterness.
The wine is filled in 750 ml glass bottles closed with natural cork and packed in carboard cases of 6 bottles.