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Tomato passata
The Biofavole tomato passata is a tomato puree made with 100% Italian organic tomatoes, tomatoes are cultivated by the same farm. It is ideal to be used as tomato sauce on pasta or as ingredient in other dishes. It is ready to use, is obtained from the processing of
handpicked Kero and Tales ripe tomatoes, cooked and passed, without seeds and skin. It is without colouring or preservatives, without added salt or sugar and gluten free.
It is also available in other variants: tomato passata with carrot, celery and onion; tomato passata with basil; tomato passata with aubergines; tomato passata with peppers.
It is available in different bottles: 200g, 420g, 700g
After opening, keep refrigerated and consume within 4-5 days. Expiration from date of manufacture: 2 years.
Polizzi Biologico
Our EVO is obtained from good quality cultivars grown in Caltanissetta at 600 ml. from sea level
Bottles of organic extra virgin olive oil available in bottles of 250 ml. - 500 ml. -750 ml. and 5 LT can.
Mountain juice – 100% pressed bio apple & sea buckthorn
Maratheftiko Dry Red Wine 2019
Cyprus indigenous organic Maratheutiko variety wine, with complex aromas.  Fermented and aged in Oak barrel for 9-12 months. From the privately owned organic Anaxagora’s vineyards, in the wine village of Pachna, Limassol.  
Anima Nua Cor Viu - White Wine
Wine elaborated with 2 different white grape varieties grown from bush and trellis vines/plots of between 20 and 35 years old at 450 mts. height above sea level. Argillaceous soil is the most common in the area, surrounded by mountain ranges suffering high thermic contrasts between day and night, summer and winter, which at the end is the blend from Mediterranean and Continental climates. Grape varieties are separately going through pellicular maceration and alcoholic fermentation at low and controlled temperature. Before being bottled, the wine stays on its lees around 5 months in steel tanks.
Intense and complex aromas. Elegant-fresh and crisp entry, balanced, and expressive palate, well structured, nice acidity intermingled with warm and velvety sensations (features coming from the lees aging time). Aromatically reminding to ripe white fruits, herbs and light balsamic.
Organic Membrillo 150 gr
Elaborated according to the traditional recipe, using only organic selected fresh fruit tenderloins. Of characteristic bright reddish-gold colour, it has a slightly rough texture. Its strong fruity and juicy flavour, makes it perfect for pairing with all cheeses, or any other sweet and salty recipe.
Jaume Grau I Grau AVRVM
Organic white wine (vintage 2020) made with Sauvignon blanc (90%) and Picapoll (10%) . Very fresh and fruity in nose and mouth. Very good acidity and well balanced, long and elegant finish. Good pairing with seafood and light food.
Wine inside Designation of Origin Pla de Bages.
Red wine made with Tempranillo (40%), Black Grenache (35%) & Cabernet Sauvignon (25%).
Polizzi Biologico IGP Sicilia
Our EVO is obtained from good quality cultivars grown in Caltanissetta at 600 ml. from sea level.
Bottles of organic extra virgin olive oil IGP SICILY available in 500 ml bottles.
Each bottle is numbered.