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Altri Tempi
Altri Tempi is a PGI extra virgin olive oil from organic farming. It is made of two varieties of olives: 50% raggia + 50% Frantoio. It has a fresh olive fruity with a hint of fresh herb. Delicate taste. It is recommended on fish, fish salads, salads, white meat and soups.
Italy - Monte San Vito
Aromatic Herbs with Essential Oil Crystals
Powerful blends of organic herbs and Essential Oil Crystals to enhance the flavour of any dishe.
France - Montpellier
Essenza Di Modena- Condimento Balsamico Biologico, 250 ml
It is a balsamic condiment organic certified, artisanal created by Acetaia Oddolini and aged one year in oak Barrels.
It does not contain any kind of dyes or preservatives; it does not present gluten, and it is made from typical.
Grapes of the province of Modena such as Lambrusco and Trebbiano.
Designed for daily use, it is derived from organic agriculture of Italian origin. The whole production chain is
Controlled by Acetaia Oddolini to guarantee the certainty of the raw materials.
Italy - Cavezzo
Extra virgin bio olive oil Grattitude
250ml – 500ml.
Grattitude offers a range of quality organic products, grown by artisan hands, inherited from a long family tradition of over four generations. Products that go from the farmer's field to the kitchen table, such as our Cocentaina i L 'Alquería oil made from centenary olive trees, our high-quality La Sarga almonds, or honey from the mountains of Alicante, an authentic natural treasure, ideal to complement any healthy diet. Products produced and made free of hurry, as it has always been the case, naturally and waiting for their exact moment, without the demands imposed by big brands.
A range of natural products from the mountains of Alicante, an area rich in nature with farmers hardened by the altitude of its mountains, and that can now reach your home thanks to the latest technologies that link our family farmers directly to you, our client; that simple, no intermediaries. Natural quality in the 21st century.
Spain - Alcudia, Alicante
Gourmoli Bio Walnut Oil Cold-pressed in an Oak Bin
Walnut oil is preferred by gourmet lovers and fans of healthy eating. It is also taken as a dietary supplement because it contains a huge levels of vegan omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. That is why we sell it successfully in organic stores and large chains.
Bulgaria - Sofia
Herbs in bulk or pre-packaged bags
We purchase our herbs from trustworthy producers with whom we develop contracts from one harvest to the next and store now more than 800 herbs (flowers, leaves, herbs, barks, seeds...) that we can offer in bulk (whole, cut or powdered according to your needs) or in packaged bags with notch and window to display. Bags are available in kraft or white colour and can be customised with your own logo brand. We can also work on printing bags.
France - Chemille-en-Anjou
High Phenolic Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This product is packaged in non-transparent bottles of 250 ml quantity. The organic extra virgin olive oil is produced from Kalamon olives harvested early (green colour). The product is rich in phenolic content and fits the EU health claim for enhanced health protective properties (Commission Regulation (EU) 432/2012) and is associated to the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) recognizing olive oil polyphenols, including compounds of oleocanthal and oleagenin, as anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. The regulations can be applied only to olive oil containing at least 250 mg of polyphenols per 1kg of olive oil. The product is certified by Lacon.
Cyprus - Nicosia
The organic extra-virgin olive oil called “Il Nostro Oro” (Our Gold) is the highest quality and value. There are numerous reasons why this is true:
-    the olives are grown organically;
-    the olives are harvested by hand;
-    the olives are collected in small crates and processed immediately (maximum of two to four hours after harvesting);
-    the olives are ground in the company mill.
Italy - Monte San Giusto (MC)
Indian Sauce
Tasty curry sauce: a surprising pleasure!
Excellence features
Biobontà® classic mayonnaise’s delicate flavour and its pleasantly creamy texture is enriched by an intense and extraordinary taste of curry. The result is a vibrant and harmonious sauce that will give your taste buds new delightful sensations of taste leaving you speechless!
Food combination
It combines well with white and red meats along with boiled eggs. It is also perfect to dress chicken and cold rice salads.
Italy - Rivoli, Turin
ISUL Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Isul organic extra virgin olive oil is a prestigious and authentic olive oil, which combines all healthy and culinary properties, that an extra virgin olive oil should contain, in only one product.
ISUL our organic extra virgin olive oil is made from the olive fruit in our farm El Cascajo, an olive grove with limestone soil located between Mount de Yerga and the Ebro River in Alfaro (La Rioja). This influence of Mediterranean, Atlantic and Continental climates, combined with the large temperature contrast between day and night and our passion and dedication, creates this unique olive oil. It tastes of green and ripe fruit that bring a well-balanced and exquisite flavour. ISUL is an excellent, tasty, and organic olive oil which is simply perfect for a healthy diet. To prepare 1 litre of ISUL, 7 kg of 100 % organic and semi ripe olives, which are at their ideal level of maturation, are needed. After careful selection and cold working, this creates a perfect flavour and taste so that it may be eaten raw, or with any variety of dishes.
Spain - Alfaro, La Rioja