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Aromatic Herbs with Essential Oil Crystals
Powerful blends of organic herbs and Essential Oil Crystals to enhance the flavour of any dishe.
France - Montpellier
Herbs in bulk or pre-packaged bags
We purchase our herbs from trustworthy producers with whom we develop contracts from one harvest to the next and store now more than 800 herbs (flowers, leaves, herbs, barks, seeds...) that we can offer in bulk (whole, cut or powdered according to your needs) or in packaged bags with notch and window to display. Bags are available in kraft or white colour and can be customised with your own logo brand. We can also work on printing bags.
France - Chemille-en-Anjou
Pack of Herbs & Spice from Provence
In our CSR approach, we particularly want to engage in a field of Organic Provence Herbs from local producers. Thus, our Provence Herbs, our Oregano, our Rosemary, our Saffron and our Thyme are PROVENCE origin. They are packed in nice glass jars.
This pack of 5 PROVENCE units could be sold separately.
France - Gemenos
Wild Aromatic Plants from the Garrigues
This range is made of hand-picked aromatic plants from the Garrigues of Languedoc-Roussillon.
Growing in the wild in a harsh climate, the plants had to develop their essential oils as a defence mechanism, which is what makes them very powerful with great aromatic richness.  
From an eco-responsible activity in the heart of the Cévennes.
This product contributes to the sustainability of the picker's trade, one of the key activities for the and preservation of the natural area of the Garrigues.
France - Montpellier