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HealthyCo organic peanut butter
HealthyCo organic peanut butter is tasty and healthy, and made with only organic peanuts and salt!
No added sugar and suitable for Vegans.
Available in two tastes, one as a creamy and smooth irresistible taste and the other, with a perfect crunch in every bite which makes the tase even a little more satisfying.  
Our peanut butter is made by only organic peanuts and salt. No more ingredients need to be added to get a delicious product.
Harvesting peanuts is a two-step process. The digger pulls up the peanut plant, flips it upside down and sets it back down on the row. The peanuts dry for a few days then the farmer uses another machine called a shaker, which separates the peanut pods from the rest of the plant.
The peanuts are carefully chosen and picked to make our tasty and peanut butter.
Made with only organic peanuts which can make the oil separate, but only stir around with a spoon and the texture gets smooth and nice again. Can without any issues be refrigerated and stored to get a firmer texture.
Sweden - Lund
HealthyCo smooth hazelnut and cocoa spread
HealthyCo Smooth Hazelnut and cocoa spread, a healthier version of the classic hazelnut-cream.
No palm-oil, no added sugar and with higher protein content from whey-protein.
The Perfect spread on your sandwich or great in baking! Anytime you want something really yummy but less unhealthy!
Our classic hazelnut Proteinella is a delicious spread. With its smooth and creamy taste, it is hard to really believe we do not use any added sugar. And it even gets better, no palm oil is used.
We just love hazelnuts. The buttery taste of the nuts is so delicious we wanted to share our hero item with others.
Hazelnuts are relatively quick and easy to grow, they do not require as much space as other nut trees, and they produce sweet, delicious nuts. The first hazelnut crop is usually small. After a couple of seasons, the bounty will grow! A mature tree can produce 25 pounds of nuts in one season and will continue to produce for about 50 years.
Harvesting takes very little effort. Since the nuts drop from the tree as they ripen, all you must do is collect them from the ground.
So, go ahead, get a jar of Proteinella as soon as you can and indulge without any conscious feelings.
Store in room temperature.
Sweden - Lund