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Polizzi Biologico
Our EVO is obtained from good quality cultivars grown in Caltanissetta at 600 ml. from sea level
Bottles of organic extra virgin olive oil available in bottles of 250 ml. - 500 ml. -750 ml. and 5 LT can.
Polizzi Biologico IGP Sicilia
Our EVO is obtained from good quality cultivars grown in Caltanissetta at 600 ml. from sea level.
Bottles of organic extra virgin olive oil IGP SICILY available in 500 ml bottles.
Each bottle is numbered.
Extra virgin bio olive oil Grattitude
250ml – 500ml.
Grattitude offers a range of quality organic products, grown by artisan hands, inherited from a long family tradition of over four generations. Products that go from the farmer's field to the kitchen table, such as our Cocentaina i L 'Alquería oil made from centenary olive trees, our high-quality La Sarga almonds, or honey from the mountains of Alicante, an authentic natural treasure, ideal to complement any healthy diet. Products produced and made free of hurry, as it has always been the case, naturally and waiting for their exact moment, without the demands imposed by big brands.
A range of natural products from the mountains of Alicante, an area rich in nature with farmers hardened by the altitude of its mountains, and that can now reach your home thanks to the latest technologies that link our family farmers directly to you, our client; that simple, no intermediaries. Natural quality in the 21st century.
Pack of Herbs & Spice from Provence
In our CSR approach, we particularly want to engage in a field of Organic Provence Herbs from local producers. Thus, our Provence Herbs, our Oregano, our Rosemary, our Saffron and our Thyme are PROVENCE origin. They are packed in nice glass jars.
This pack of 5 PROVENCE units could be sold separately.
Gourmoli Bio Walnut Oil Cold-pressed in an Oak Bin
Walnut oil is preferred by gourmet lovers and fans of healthy eating. It is also taken as a dietary supplement because it contains a huge levels of vegan omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin E. That is why we sell it successfully in organic stores and large chains.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our monoculture organic extra virgin olive oil, made from our own quality Ottobratica olives, is produced using cold extraction. Its low acidity and excellent balance between spiciness, bitterness and fruitiness make it a pleasant oil for all palates.
Most of the crops are from the Quaranta area in the province of Reggio Calabria, Italy, at 150m above sea level.
Flavoured oils: to give your dishes a touch of freshness or spice, we created oils flavoured with oranges, bergamots and chillies.
Organic extra virgin olive oil arbequina variety
In glass design bottle 500 ml
Organic extra virgin olive oil extracted from green olives of the arbequina variety grown at our plantation under restrict organic conditions. Cold pressed first pression made at our mill just after harvest. Maximum acidity: 0,2%.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This product is packaged in tins of 1 and 0.5 Lt quantity and non-transparent bottles of 0.5 Lt quantity. The organic extra virgin olive oil is a mixture produced from Koroneiki, Kalamon and Cyprus variety olives harvested at optimum maturity index. The product is certified by Lacon.
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Our Organic EVOO is made from Manzanilla, Hojiblanca and Blanqueta. This last variety is endemic to our Region. These olives are collected in October to get the fruitiest flavour from them. Although yields are not too high, the most important for us is getting the best possible olive oil.
Our extraction process passes strict hygiene and quality controls, which allow us to obtain healthy and natural olive juice. Our olive oil is 100% real "fruit juice" of top quality, obtained directly from olives by using only mechanical procedures. It conserves the taste, aroma, vitamins, and many other microelements.
Our oils have a pleasant and intense aroma, due to its natural decanting process. Its intense and fruity taste is pleasant to the palate. As you well know, it is an essential ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, a clear synonym of health and well-being.
Spicy Ketchup
Pleasantly hot and spicy: an appetizing flavour!
Excellence features
A tiny hint of chili pepper makes this ketchup unique in its kind.
Produced only with the best Italian tomato pulp, a rich mixture of spices and a balanced amount of chili pepper, Biobontà® spicy ketchup has a slow and delicate temperature cooking process preserving the unaltered exceptional flavours of its main ingredients.
Food combination
It perfectly combines with red meats, burgers, seitan, and potatoes.