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Sundown Gin
This fruity, mild, and very aromatic gin is produced from oranges, grapefruit, sea buckthorn and juniper. This gin receives its natural fruity aroma and taste from fresh oranges and grapefruits, which are produced on an organic farm in Mallorca, Spain. These fresh fruits arrive to the Berlin Distillery, where fresh zests are peeled from the fruit and put directly into the still for distillation. In addition, juniper from the Balkan region and organic sea buckthorn from the Berlin area are used for this unique gin. The botanicals are each distilled separately in a 40 litre still in the Berlin Distillery and then blended into a dry gin. No additives, artificial or natural aromas, sugar, colouring nor concentrates are used for this gin.
White wine made with Macabeo (80%) & White Grenache (20%).
Kalevala Ruby Gin
Using our London Dry Gin as the base for this gin, the real magic takes place here after the distillation. Prior to blending with water, the distillate is transferred to a vessel in which it is married with real cranberries and bilberries for a full two weeks. This marriage (or maceration) gives our Ruby Gin its distinct fruity and yet dry taste as well as its color. Once the time is up, the distillate is filtered prior to being blended with water from our own well to drinking strength.
Vinos De Altura – Altitude Wines – Bobal Blanc de Noirs
Winery:     Vinos De Altura
Wine: Vinos De Altura- Altitude Wines Bobal Blanc de Noirs
Launch:     January 2021
Vintage: 2020
Variety: Bobal 100%
Origin: Cuenca
Total Production: 50.000 L.
El Vol De L’aliga Red
EL VOL DE L’ALIGA RED is our latest proposal, and it belongs to a series of exclusive microvinifications, made with special attention to small details.
We try to express through the wines, our close connection with the territory in which we develop our work daily. That’s why Vol de l’Aliga is inspired on the majestic flight of the Bonelli’s eagle that nests on the forest surrounding our winery.
EL VOL DE L’ALIGA RED is a red wine made from Grenache and Carignan. It’s been aged for five months in amphorae. It’s a fruit-driven wine, juicy and with ripe tannins.
It’s the first organic wine from Viticultors del Priorat, the evidence of our commitment with the magic environment in which we coexist within.
Xynistery Dry White Wine 2020
SISTO V - Verdicchio di Matelica DOC
Celler Del Foix (White)
100% Xarel·lo
Macabeo – Do Catalunya
Varieties:  Macabeo
Appellation name: Catalunya
Serving temperature: between 10° and 12°C.
Alcohol by volume: 12% VOL
Pairing: Ideal to accompany light dishes, starters and all kinds of seafood and fish.